Street and Map Terms for EFL/ESL

by Nick Miller

The following is a list of map terms that may be useful for non-native speakers going to an English speaking country. While most of the words are used in all English speaking countries, the list was specifically designed for the Southern California Area (hence the many Spanish words).

A list of terms on
Roads, Streets, and other map related terms
by Nick Miller

Street word Definition
Alley2 A narrow street between buildings
Arcade3 A roofed passageway, usually with stores on both sides
Avenue1 A wide street
Avenida3 (Spanish) Avenue
Boulevard1 A wide city street, often tree lined or with a landscaped divider
Bridge1 A structure over an obstacle
By-pass2 A highway that passes around a city or congested area
Calle3 (Spanish) Street
Circle3 A street shaped like a circle, usually a dead end for residences
Concourse3 A wide path
Court2 A short street
Crossing2 An intersection, or the area around that intersection
Drive2 A road (usually for cars) or a driveway
Expressway1 A major divided highway for high speed travel
Extension2 A new or continuing part of an old street
Freeway1 A highway without tolls
Highway1 A main public road
Lane2 A narrow road
Loop3 A road that comes back to the same point
Manor2 A landed estate; a small road with large houses (sometimes Manor Drive, etc.)
Place2 A short street, or a public place in a town
Promenade3 A small path, usually for walking
Road1 An open way for people, vehicles and animals
Route1 A road
Row3 A line of buildings along a street
Square2 An open area, at the intersection or bounded by two or more streets
Street1 A public road in a city or town
Terrace3 A row of buildings on a raised or sloping ground
Trail3 A marked or beaten path
View2 An overview (road)
Vista2 (Spanish) View
Way3 A road or route from one place to another

1 Basic - very common, words every beginning student / most travelers should know.

2 Intermediate - fairly common, words for intermediate level students / some travelers may need to know.

3 Advanced - very rare in actual use, only advanced students need worry about these .

(c)1996 by Nicholas Miller

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